Data Virtualization for Big Data

EJADA & Denodo partnership aims to address and solve Saudi Arabia’s key challenges across a wide variety of government and private sector organizations enabling data scientists and architects to gain access to trusted data from across the enterprise in real-time so that organizations can realize all of the benefits of agile business intelligence.

Data Ninja Stories: Big Data
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Some Problems Sample to solve

You are working in a company that has information about its customers (CRM) stored in a MySQL database.
The complete billing information for any customer is exposed in an internal Web Service.
End users do not want to use different applications to get available information of customers (CRM, Sales Application, etc.).
The IT department does not like the idea of creating a specific application for this business need and it would like to reuse this customer global view, if possible, in any other current application.

Data virtualization provides the solution for modern data management. It provides a single point of access to your enterprise data without having to move it to a centralized repository. Watch this video to find out how data virtualization works and how it could hugely benefit your organization.

Why data virtualization?

Data virtualization creates a single virtual layer that connects disparate data and provides unified access for consuming applications. These applications will use the semantic components defined in the virtual layer and reuse them as needed. In this way, your applications will be independent from the physical sources where the data is stored.

Learn how to put DV to work in your organization


Benefits of Data Virtualization

Unique capabilities to build a data-driven organization


Easy access to all types of data


Full data integration and data modeling capabilities


Active Data Catalog and self-service capabilities for data & metadata discovery and data preparation


Full data security and data governance capabilities


Fast intelligent execution of data queries


Real-time data delivery in any format


Ability to create data marketplaces


Decoupling of business applications from data systems to facilitate data-driven strategies


On premises, cloud and multi-cloud interoperability


Encapsulation of legacy systems


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